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Intuitive Herbology 101

Intuitive Herbology 101

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Create your own blend of herbs using your intuition and inner knowing. Tune into the vibration of each plant to mix the perfect combination of personality, healing power, and flavor or scent to drink as tea, burn as incense, or soak in as bath salts. During this hands on play-shop, she guides you to 'innerstand' each herb, its beneficial properties, and friend combinations to wow your family and friends with your unique herbal blend. You will also get a corresponding crystal & crystal matching worksheet to help you decide which stone to use to charge your herbs! Sasha Zeilig, Creatrix of Goddess Breath Blends, Sacred Smokables and Teas, loves working with the magic of herbs, roots and spices. She believes the smells from the Earth are literally breath of the Goddess. 

How do you listen to your body to know what it needs?
How do you listen to the herbs to hear them respond?
How do you attune with the alignment of mother nature?

We will be playing with

1. Sage - crown
2. Lavender - third eye
3. Mullien - throat
4. Rose - heart
5. Chamomile - solar plexus
6. Hibiscus - sacral
7. Damiana - root
8. Oregano - Earth source
9. Blue lotus - Sky source

And we have more to supplement if desired!!


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